ProICE Cold Compression System

The Ultimate Portable Cold Compression Therapy System:


  • Lightweight

  • Save thousands compared to similar products in the market

  • Compact for in-flight use and general portability

  • Dual system runs two independent programs simultaneously

  • Used by the Australian Institute of Sport

  • 1 year warranty

  • Portable - The system’s battery lasts up ProIce_Logo.jpgto 12 hours, so users do not have to worry about moving while the system is providing compression cryotherapy!
  • Durable - The system is manufactured Adrian_Leijer.jpgwith durable, medical-grade materials. It’s insulated case and parts are very strong and resistant to outside forces.
  • Affordable - Other systems are priced thousands of dollars higher than ProIce.  Our system is priced to be affordable, while still maintaining superior quality and efficiency for the user.
  • The System - This revolutionary portable compression cryotherapy system provides the ultimate solution for pain relief, injury treatment, and surgery recovery. It’s patented technologies were designed with the consumer in mind, making it efficient, portable, inexpensive, and (most importantly) easy to use.
  • Dual-Function Wraps - The medical grade compression cooling wraps use the R.I.C.E therapy concept. Ice cold water cycles through these wraps, along with an air bag that provides 15-75 mm/hg compression levels straight to the injured area. The ice and compression levels areIcePro_System.jpg user controlled on the system’s control panel.
  • User Manuals - Download the user manuals to see exactly how the system functions, and how easy it is to set up and start your cold compression therapy.


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