Recovery Pump

The Physiology of Muscle Soreness

After high levels of physical activity muscles become sore.  This is primarily due to damage at the micro-cellular level.  Accumulation of lactic acid and other metabolic waste that muscles produce cannot be cleared during exercise.

The increase in the accumulation of metabolic waste in muscles after high levels of activity causes a decrease in performance and in increase in muscle fatigue.  This is a significant problem for athletes who face the need to perform at high levels on a regular basis. 

Metabolic waste from muscles must be removed after high levels of activity.  The venous and lymphatic systems are used to remove this metabolic waste.

How the Human Body Removes Metabolic Waste 

The lymphatic system and veins flush waste from muscle cells.  Muscular movement however is needed to stimulate this process because the lymphatic system does not have a pump, like the heart. Athletes use a "warm down" to achieve this muscle contraction and increase circulation in the body, reducing soreness in the muscles.

How Recovery Pump Works

Recovery Pump increases venous return through sequential intermittent pneumatic compression.  This rapidly accelerates the body’s reabsorption of the metabloic waste causing soreness and fatigue in the muscles.  Scientifically researched levels of compression increase circulation at all levels of the venous system removing metabolic waste faster than any traditional mode of recovery, such as a "warm down", or rest alone. 

The Benefits of Recovery Pump



  • Easy to Use - Tired athletes have no excuses!
  • Small & Durable - Travel with it!
  • No complex users manual/programming
  • Adjustable Pressure & Pause settings – Simply set to personal preference/comfort
  • Convenient zipper closure- fast in/out time
  • Superior sequential compression- offloads the entire leg with each cycle
  • Custom RecoveryBoots sizing for accurate fit and optimum results
  • Unique foot design compresses the bottom of the foot for increased circulation

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